A.  Jampel Yeshi, an exile from Tibet, set fire to himself during a protest against the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao to India, New Delhi, March 26, 2012.  As the General Secretary of Tibetan Youth Congress, he died from burns at a local hospital.  REUTERS / Stringer

Two.  43-year-old Natassia Papakonstantinou looks out the window of his apartment in Kifissia, a suburb of Athens, March 14, 2012.  Natassia was deprived of his work in the telephone company where she worked for 12 years, in August 2011 and is now forced to live on their savings and unemployment benefits in the 461 euros (611 dollars) a month.  When, in August this year, her savings run out, it will be forced to leave his apartment.  Natassia is looking for work every day on the internet, but nothing has been found.  REUTERS / Cathal McNaughton

Three.  Pupil is removed from the Jewish school «Ozar Hatorah» March 19, 2012 g, after a man on a scooter opened fire outside the school.  REUTERS / Jean-Philippe Arles

4.  Seven Years Wakana Kumagai year later came to the place where he stood her house, which washed away the tsunami March 11, 2011, to honor the victims of the earthquake and nuclear crisis.  Kazuyuki Kumagai’s father called his wife Yoshiko immediately after the earthquake, and said to take the children to primary school Omagari, which served as a refuge.  He was found four days after the tsunami.  REUTERS / Toru Hanai

Five.  Military police are holding back mourners who surrounded the ambulance, which contains the coffin of the Coptic Orthodox Church Patriarch Shenouda III.  Thousands of mourners dressed in black clothes and gathered in Cairo for the funeral procession Shenouda III, who in the last years of his life trying to calm the public, excited increasing power of Islam.  REUTERS / Mohamed Abd El Ghany

6.  Men stand in line for bread in the Al-Kuasare, western Syria, March 1, 2012.  REUTERS / Goran Tomasevic

7.  At eleven Gily Apio hearing defects.  She was crying after she cleaned his ears foundation staff «Starkey Hearing Foundation» March 13, 2012 REUTERS / Xavier Toya

Eight.  Afghan girls work in the first Internet cafe for women in Kabul on March 8, 2012 in Afghanistan opened its first Internet cafe for women only, to give the girls a chance to see the world without the risk of sexual harassment and abuse.  REUTERS / Mohammad Ismail

9.  A woman dries her sari – the traditional subject of women’s clothes, after washing in the river Tawi in Jammu March 3, 2012 REUTERS / Mukesh Gupta

10.  The girl pushes the Fiat 500 with a dog inside near Rome March 23, 2012 REUTERS / Alessandro Bianchi

11.  The leader of the democratic forces, Aung San Suu Kyi returned after a speech during his election campaign, March 22, 2012 REUTERS / Staff

12.  A farmer carries cucumbers from his field in the Indian city of Allahabad Market March 22, 2012 REUTERS / Jitendra Prakash

13.  Relatives of victims of bus crash in Sierre near his hotel March 15, 2012.  Relatives were brought to Switzerland after a bus carrying Belgian schoolchildren ski trip, crashed into the wall of one of the tunnels.  At the same time killing 22 children and 6 adults.  24 passengers were still in hospital, including three children in critical condition.  REUTERS / Denis Balibouse

14.  Passengers sit on the floor of a crowded train carriage common in the city of Kanpur, India, March 20, 2012 By the end of the day over 64,000 km of railway will die about 40 people.  Most of them are slum dwellers and poor farmers, who use the line for washing, or as toilets.  Some people fall out of a crowded train.  Many of the 20 million travelers so people will come into place with a delay of several hours, maybe even days.  REUTERS / Danish Siddiqui

15.  Cop beats France-Presse journalist Patricia Melo during the general strike in Lisbon March 22, 2012 REUTERS / Hugo Correia

16.  Team «Khartoum» celebrates his victory over the team «Omdurman» Sudan in the final of the Junior League in Khartoum, March 13, 2012 REUTERS / Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah

17.  Spectators watching the fight on mixed martial arts fighting during the night in Mumbai February 25, 2012 3 years ago, the company «Full Contact Championship», created for the promotion of mixed martial arts, spent the first night of fights, then this event is gaining in popularity.  REUTERS / Danish Siddiqui

18.  Models waiting in the wings for China Fashion Week in Beijing March 29, 2012 REUTERS / Jason Lee

19.  A man spits water on the street in front of his house on the outskirts of the Forbidden City in Beijing March 19, 2012 REUTERS / David Gray

20.  March 1, 2012 students and their parents gathered around the memorial in memory of victims of shooting at a secondary school in Chardon, Ohio.  February 27 TJ Lane opened fire at the school, while killing three and wounding two people.  REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton

21.  Ethiopian immigrant cuts another immigrant.  They are waiting for departure in the Yemeni city of Haradh March 21, 2012.  According to the International Organization for Migration, about 12,000 workers, most of the Horn of Africa, are now in Haradhe, which they use as a staging post en route to Saudi Arabia.  REUTERS / Khaled Abdullah

22.  17-year-old prostitute Hashi hugs her “husband” Baba in a small room in a brothel in Kandapara Tangaile, Bangladesh, March 4, 2012 Many young prostitutes there are lovers or husbands, who usually live outside the brothel, and periodically take money from them and sex in exchange for security.  She earns about 800-1000 so a day (9-12 dollars), serving about 15-20 customers a day.  Hashi – one of hundreds of child prostitutes living in poverty and exploitation, and receiving “Oradekson” – a steroid that farmers give cattle to gain weight to recover itself and seem more “healthy” and attractive to customers.  REUTERS / Andrew Biraj

23.  Light in a multi-residential building in central Tokyo, March 8, 2012 Shareholders of the company «Tokyo Electric Power Co Inc», using the Fukushima nuclear power plant, filed a lawsuit to 5.5 trillion yen (67.4 billion dollars) in the management of public services.  REUTERS / Carlos Barria

24.  Worker resting on bags of charcoal to the steel plant.  The outskirts of Jammu, India, March 15, 2012 REUTERS / Mukesh Gupta

25.  Burnt sneakers in the burned mosque Reed, in the western part of Brussels, March 13, 2012.  REUTERS / Yves Herman

26.  A taxi driver in a tunnel under the Huangpu River in Shanghai, March 23, 2012 Photo taken remotely operated camera.  REUTERS / Carlos Barria


27.  Girl practicing on the high bar, a park of Mumbai, March 27, 2012 REUTERS / Danish Siddiqui

28.  Children playing in the garden of a house in Indian Reservation tribal Ualapay in Peach Springs, Arizona, February 28, 2012 A small number of people trying to resist the Ualapay decision to turn their house into an attraction, which will be sent to 3000 people a day.  REUTERS / Robert Galbraith

29.  Juan Soufan during the demolition of her house in the village of Yangtze River, the city of Guangzhou, China, March 21, 2012, Juan rushes to the workers who mistakenly demolished part of her house, which was not included in the plan for demolition.  REUTERS / Stringer

30.  Sebahat Tunsel (left) – Kurdish Member of Parliament, Turkey, runs from protesting against the attempt to conduct a new law on education in Ankara, March 29, 2012 Members of the teachers’ union and opposition leaders met in Ankara to protest, claiming that the new law promotes the propagation of Islam in schools.  The government wants to block the 1997 law that increased compulsory education from 5 to 8 years, and banned to attend the traditional Islamic schools for children under 15 years of age.  REUTERS / Umit Bektas

31.  The woman ran from the explosion in the Catholic Church of St..  Finbar in Nigeria, March 11, 2012 Young Christians have killed at least 10 people after a suicide bomber blew himself up in a Catholic church, killing three people.  REUTERS / Stringer

32.  Employees of the Israeli border guards used pepper spray during the arrest a Palestinian protester injured in the Old City of Jerusalem, March 30, 2012.  Israeli security forces used rubber bullets, tear gas and stun grenades, light against the Palestinians celebrating “Earth Day” – the day when, in 1976 during protests against the confiscation of land, the Israelis killed six Arabs.  REUTERS / Ammar Awad

33.  A woman wipes away tears at a protest “march million hoods,” Justice requires the death of a teenager from Florida March 21, 2012.  17-year-old Martin was wearing a jacket with a hood when he was shot by a volunteer civilian militia, George Zimmerman.  Now the killer is in custody and said that it was self defense.  REUTERS / Andrew Burton

34.  Man drinking coffee near a wall with graffiti, Greece, March 23, 2012 REUTERS / Cathal McNaughton

A.  U.S. military transport plane in before flying to Afghanistan, the airport in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, March 27, 2012 REUTERS / Vladimir Pirogov

Two.  Protester entertains other protesters in Sana’a on the area Taghyeer (changes), March 6, 2012 For more than a year, thousands gather on the square protesting against the current regime in Yemen.  REUTERS / Khaled Abdullah

Three.  Somali police officer (right) arrested a possible member of the rebel organization al Shabaab (left) on the Lido beach in the Somali capital Mogadishu.  Previously, the Lido Beach was a well known place in Somalia, but in recent years on the beach unfolded fighting between various factions.  REUTERS / Feisal Omar

4.  A child plays on the road near the river in Yangon, Myanmar, March 18, 2012.  REUTERS / Staff

Five.  Actress Lindsay Lohan gets in the car after hearing of her case on drunk driving, Los Angeles, California, March 29, 2012 REUTERS / Joe Klamar / Pool

6.  Protester pushes a chair to create a barricade on the road in the village of Sanabis, near Manama, Bahrain, March 21, 2012 REUTERS / Ahmed Jadallah

7.  The girl is sitting on the scales on the sawmill in Lahore, Pakistan, March 9, 2012.  REUTERS / Mohsin Raza

Eight.  The helicopter takes off from the scene of the accident with the Belgian tourist bus that crashed March 14, 2012 in Switzerland.  In the accident 28 people died, 22 of them – children.  REUTERS / Denis Balibouse

9.  Protester runs after threw a Molotov cocktail into a police armored car March 30, 2012.  In March, Bahrain is constantly breaking out anti-government demonstrations.  REUTERS / Hamad I Mohammed

10.  A young woman cries beside the car, in which lie the three coffins with the bodies of those killed in the Jewish school «Ozar Hatorah» the day after the tragedy, France, March 20, 2012 REUTERS / Pascal Parrot


11.  Actor George Clooney was arrested for civil disobedience after a protest in front of the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, March 16, 2012 Clooney protest against the looming humanitarian crisis in Sudan.  REUTERS / Kevin Lamarque

12.  People enjoy the warm weather in New York on March 19, 2012 The temperature that day rose to a record high of +26 ° C.  REUTERS / Allison Joyce

13.  Forward command «Baylor Bears» Kuiesi Asay falls under the table in the front row of the game with the team «Kentucky Wildcats», Atlanta, Ga., March 25, 2012 REUTERS / Chris Keane

14.  Small supporter of presidential candidate of the Republican Party Senator Rick Santorum, Beaver Dam, Wis., March 27, 2012 REUTERS / Darren Hauck

15.  Coach scolds a little gymnast in Shanghai March 23, 2012.  More than 30 children aged from 5 to 9 years were allowed to participate in the gymnastic courses, five times a week.  REUTERS / Aly Song

16.  Palestinian shoots into the air during the funeral of Islamic Jihad activist Mohammed Daher in Gaza March 13, 2012.  A truce between Israel and the Gaza Strip began on Tuesday, after four days of violence, during which 25 Palestinians were killed, and at Israel 200 missiles were fired.  REUTERS / Suhaib Salem

17.  Plane Captain Clayton Osborne takes an ambulance because of his strange behavior, Amarillo, Texas, March 27, 2012.  Osborne, who started the riots uchinyat on board Flight 191 from New York to Las Vegas, was taken into custody, but the FBI is investigating the circumstances of the incident.  REUTERS / Steve Miller / The Reporters Edge

18.  San Francisco and the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge in fog, view from the Cape Marin, Calif., March 21, 2012.  In May will mark the 75th anniversary of the bridge entering into operation.  REUTERS / Robert Galbraith

19.  American soldiers from the second company, Second Battalion, 35 Infantry Division, Task Force As that, waiting for his colleagues consult with the Afghan National Army soldiers in Kunar province, Afghanistan, March 14, 2012 REUTERS / Erik De Castro

20.  Tourists visiting the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River with a glass platform, hanging over the Grand Canyon, Arizona, February 28, 2012 REUTERS / Robert Galbraith

21.  The boy is played in the mud on the banks of the river Bago, Myanmar, March 20, 2012 REUTERS / Staff

22.  Beyoncé – a tiny dachshund puppy – lying on the iPhone in El Dorado Hills, California, March 10, 2012.  Beyonce at birth weighed only 28 grams and can fit in a teaspoon, and can now officially be the smallest dog in the world.  Employees of animal rescue center in Northern California has filed an application to the Guinness Book of Records REUTERS / Lisa Van Dyke / El Dorado Dog Photography / Handout

23.  Thirteen year old Andrew Marchenkov on math lesson at school Big Village Farms of 440 km from Moscow, March 14, 2012.  The school, known for the fact that it is studying a total of 12 students, located in the village, whose population every year only to decrease.  However, the director and teachers are proud of the high level of education in their school and students are winners of many local competitions.  REUTERS / Vasily Fedosenko

24.  Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (center) and Zara Phillips (right) on behalf of the Queen Mother’s horse racing in Gloucestershire, England, March 14, 2012 REUTERS / Eddie Keogh

25.  Relatives of slain Guatemalan immigrant Victor Enrique Ramirez Bedolla, whose remains were found in a mass grave in northern Mexico, facing the urn with his ashes at the airport in Guatemala, the U.S. Air Force March 21, 2012 Along with him were found the bodies of 10 more dead immigrants.  Police believe that this is the handiwork of drug cartels Zetaz.  REUTERS / Jorge Dan Lopez

26.  Wild horse throws jockey at the Festival &laquoatria Gaucha Festival» in Tacuarembo, 400 km from Montevideo, Uruguay, March 8, 2012.  The festival aims to preserve the traditions and customs of the country.  REUTERS / Andres Stapff

27.  Judge Derek Nansen (left) looks like a forward command «New York Islanders» Sizikas Casey (right) controls the forward command «Toronto Maple Leafs» Clarke MacArthur during the second period NHL game in Toronto March 20, 2012 REUTERS / Mike Cassese

28.  An unknown former student of the school «Sint Lambertus» Belgium March 14, 2012.  The bus with Belgian tourists crashed March 14, 2012 in Switzerland.  In the accident 28 people died, 22 of them – children.  In total, 52 people rode the bus.  REUTERS / Yves Herman

29.  U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron, eat hot dogs at the first game of the season men’s basketball tournament between the teams «Mississippi Valley State» and «Western Kentucky» Ohio March 13, 2012 REUTERS / Larry Downing

30.  Zaher Al Hariri addresses the press in Ammame March 15, 2012, and tells how the Syrian security forces have cut off his arm after he went to the hospital in Dera to get medical help after being wounded in the finger at a rally for Democratic Change, which he was involved.  He is now under the supervision of psychologists French charitable organization «Medicins Sans Frontieres».  REUTERS / Ali Jarekji

31.  Cut off the head prisoner, thrown out of the opposing gang member during a prison riot in San Pedro March 29, 2012.  At least 14 prisoners have died in battle rival gangs armed with guns and machetes.  REUTERS / Stringer

32.  A member of the gang Mara Salvatrucha in prison in Ciudad Barrios, March 26, 2012 Rival gangs of El Salvador declared a truce, while Central America is struggling with a wave of horrible atrocities.  The document signed by representatives of the two most powerful gangs Mara Salvatrucha and Mara 18, published in the newspapers and the Catholic Church of El Salvador approved it.  REUTERS / Ulises Rodriguez

33.  Children are introduced to the new company laptops «Samsung» in a showroom in Seoul, South Korea, March 27, 2012.  REUTERS / Bobby Yip

34.  The presidential candidate of the Republican Party and former Senator Rick Santorum is a friendly game of shuffleboard in Green Bay, Wis., March 24, 2012.  REUTERS / Darren Hauck

35.  Several inches of snow covered the house and its neighborhood in Flagstaff, Ariz., March 18, 2012.  REUTERS / Joshua Lott